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About Barcelona

Bridge at Carrer del Bisbe in Barri Gotic, BarcelonaLocally-sourced food, ancient and cutting edge architecture, bustling quarters, fashion, and night life – it’s not Paris, Berlin or London, it’s Barcelona, Spain’s second city. This melting pot of history is not too far from the French border on the other side of the Dordogne mountain range.

While legend has it Barcelona was founded by the hero Hercules, historians concur it was likely founded by the great Carthaginian commander Hannibal’s father, and named for their family – Barcini. The story of Spain is entwined with the region of Catalonia, the dominant economic engine of the nation for many centuries, of which Barcelona is the crown jewel.

As such, the city has attracted the glitterrati of architecture and design, from brilliant and now anonymous Roman engineers to Mies Van de Rohe to, of course, Antoni Gaudi. A huge draw is the oldest synagogue in Europe, in the heart of the vibrant Jewish Quarter.

The layout of the city invites exploration on foot, and gives any visitor a chance to find a favorite café, a quirky photo op and to enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate, even in winter.

(image: the bridge at Carrer del Bisbe in the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona)

Barcelona Map

Interactive Barcelona Map:

Barcelona Stadium Tour

Barcelona FC's Camp Nou

For an additional fee, we can include a tour of Camp Nou, the home of Lionel Messi and the legendary FCBarcelona. Tour the stadium and visit the club museum. Contact us for details.


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